Therese Grant spent her childhood and teen years in Cleveland, Ohio where she enjoyed the company of her large family. Included in this wonderful menagerie of family were many aunts, uncles, and hoards of cousins. As large families often did in those days, they would gather at one house or another to cook, eat, drink, celebrate, and tell outrageous stories.

Often, when the children gathered together in attics, basements, or out-of-doors, a contest would begin, and a winner was declared after the most outlandishly frightening stories were told. The happy screams of children could be heard echoing up and down the stairs, long hallways, and into the streets.

This began Therese’s introduction into the art of fantasy storytelling. Shy by nature, it would take her several years before she would brave an audience. Always losing to a better storyteller, she nevertheless persevered, and never gave up on the idea of creating a great story.

Therese resides in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband and family. She is constantly surrounded by many of her loveable pets.