The Fairy Clan of Phenloris
An Adventure in a Magical Land

eBook ISBN-978-1-62183-165-5

​Print ISBN 13: 978-1-62183-166-2

Chapter One

The Fairy stood motionless next to the man lying on the ground. He was not breathing. Blood was oozing slowly from a wound in his left shoulder where an arrow protruded. She could not remember being this close to one, and this gave her pause. She cautiously knelt down near  his face to get a better look.


When his eyelids flickered, she jumped back and then fluttered her wings until she rose a foot above.


He was alive.

The Fairy Clan of Phenloris
The Portents of Doom

eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-62183-335-2

Chapter One


Only fairies with the special gift of horticulture would become the caretakers of a secret garden. There they would plant the magic crystal flower seeds at night with the aid of the soft glow of a crescent moon. One such fairy, from the Clan of Phenloris, known as Green Fairy, possessed this knowledge.


Now was the time for the second planting, and Green Fairy took this job very seriously. However, something was wrong when she visited the specially prepared garden for tenth time in one passing of a full moon.

The Adventures of Amy and Sue
The Bumpy Dirt Road

Print ISBN-13: 978-0-9967294-7-5

This book is a marvelous narrative created for children who are learning to read and looking for a short story with beautiful illustrations. It is bilingual and an entertaining read for English and Spanish speaking children.


The front cover is in English and the back cover is in Spanish along with the narratives of the story line in both languages.


Amy and Sue love to walk down their bumpy dirt road searching for insects. Will they find what they are looking for before returning home?

Las Aventuras de Amy y Sue
El Camino Empedrado

Print ISBN-13: 978-0-9967294-7-5

Este libro es una maravillosa narrativa creada para niños que están aprendiendo a leer y buscan una historia breve con hermosas ilustraciones. Es bilingüe y una lectura entretenida para leer en español e inglés enfocada a niños que hablan ambos idiomas.


La portada está en inglés y la contraportada en español, lo mismo que la historia es narrada en ambos idiomas.


Amy y Sue aman salir a caminar por el camino empedrado en busca de insectos. Encontrarán lo que andan buscando antes de regresar a casa?"